LUV+ is a charity based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Strategic Objectives

  • To improve the living standards of People Affected by Leprosy (PALs), who are some of the most neglected and vulnerable people in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • To work with local experts to identify neglected PAL communities.
  • To offer a range of support options for small and large scale projects in both localised and geographically dispersed communities.
  • To work alongside individual family groups, and larger cooperative PAL communities, to develop sustainable income generating projects.
  • To challenge the stigmatisation of people with disabilities, and improve the integration of PALs into the wider local communities.

Our overall strategic plan is to implement an income generating project in every leprosy community in sub-Saharan Africa by 2025.

The interactive map shows all current LUV+ projects.

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Latest Posts

LuvPlus meets the Princess Royal

At the recent Scotland Malawi Partnership Member Awards event, LuvPlus were given the opportunity to meet with Princess Anne, and inform her of the work we undertake. Nigel was able to update her on the needs of People Affected by Leprosy in sub-Saharan Africa, and more specifically about some of the LuvPlus projects in Malawi, …

About LUV+

Our story

LUV+ (Leprosy at Utale Village PLUS) is a charity registered in Scotland, no. SC041282. It was previously known as LUV (Leprosy at Utale Village) but the name was changed when we expanded to work in other countries near to Malawi.

It was founded in November 2009 by Nigel Harper, following a visit to Utale village in 2008 when he met Fr Francis Kachere and the leprosy patients he cares for. Nigel had been interested in leprosy since 1982 when he worked for 6 months as a volunteer at the Ordre de St Lazare Leprosy village of Djifanghor in Senegal, W Africa.

The other trustees are Dr Rosemary Harley OBE, a lecturer in microbiology from Strathclyde University with an interest in leprosy and aid work in Malawi and other developing countries, Doris Caldwell who is active at Augustine church in Edinburgh, John Burton, a healthcare professional from Edinburgh, and Norman Wagstaffe from Strathclyde University.

image6To Left: Fr Francis Kachere, director of the Utale leprosy community, working on a new computer provided by LUV+.

Our Facebook page is: LUVplusCharity

Our Twitter account is: LUV15214246

Our Scotland-Malawi Partnership profile is here.

Our Aim

Our goals

The main goal of LUV+ is to create income-generating projects in as many leprosy communities in sub-Saharan Africa as possible. Our plan is for every  leprosy community to become more economically self-sufficient, less socially isolated and more psychologically self-confident.

It is an outrage that in the 21st century so many people still struggle to live with the consequences of this severe disease. Thankfully early interventions and the availability of modern medicines mean that leprosy now rarely leads to severe handicaps or disabilities, but there is a whole generation for whom these developments came too late.

Leprosy is one the main Neglected Tropical Diseases which are specifically mentioned as needing support in Goal 3 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
LUV+ believes that those living with the crippling effects of this disease deserve economic assistance to create projects which can improve their daily lives and which in turn help to decrease the stigmatisation they still experience regularly.

Some of the income-generating projects include:        Old Man

  • Chicken farming for meat
  • Hen-rearing for egg production
  • Building and stocking a small shop
  • Installing and running a maize mill

LUV+ also offers agricultural support to each community – seeds of vegetables other than maize to encourage diversification, fertilisers, special tools for disabled people, treadle pumps for irrigation etc.