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Welcome to the website of LUV+ (Leprosy at Utale Village PLUS), a small charity based in Edinburgh, Scotland which aims to improve the quality of life of people with leprosy living in communities in southern Africa.
LUV+ raises funds to create sustainable income-generating projects which can ameliorate the living standards of some of the most neglected and vulnerable people in Africa. We were initially founded to assist the residents of Utale leprosy village in central Malawi but have recently expanded our work to other similar communities in the neighbouring areas of northern and eastern Zambia and southern Tanzania.


In 2016 LUV+ was awarded a grant by the Scottish government’s International Development Small Grants Scheme, supplemented by a donation from the Souter Charitable Trust, which will enable us to initiate new income-generating projects in 8 other leprosy communities. We are currently seeking the finance needed to create 8 further projects so that all people with leprosy in the entire area can be assisted.


The interactive map shows all LUV+ projects.

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