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LUV+ is a charity based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Strategic Objectives

  • To improve the living standards of People Affected by Leprosy (PALs), who are some of the most neglected and vulnerable people in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • To work with local experts to identify neglected PAL communities.
  • To offer a range of support options for small and large scale projects in both localised and geographically dispersed communities.
  • To work alongside individual family groups, and larger cooperative PAL communities, to develop sustainable income generating projects.
  • To challenge the stigmatisation of people with disabilities, and improve the integration of PALs into the wider local communities.

Our overall strategic plan is to implement an income generating project in every leprosy community in sub-Saharan Africa by 2025.

The interactive map shows all current LUV+ projects.

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Latest News    / Current Project Updates

Latest News

Fundraising appeal for Covid Help to People with Leprosy in Africa

become a pal of a PAL – A PAL is a Person Affected by Leprosy –LUV+ invites you to ‘become a pal of a PAL’ today and help some of the most vulnerable, disabled communities in Africa. virginmoneygiving.com/fund/palofaPAL LUV+ is urgently raising money to provide Covid equipment like soap, masks and gloves to 16 leprosy …


Monitoring and Evaluation Updates on Current projects


We caught up with the project and the community in 2019.

The project was between batches of chickens while we were there, but we were able to have a meeting with the PALs, and heard how they have managed the project to support the community in Liteta.

The chicken-rearing project has started to show results.

Great news. Chickens ready for sale.

Soya beans and greens have been planted and preparations are underway for the building of a small shop as the main project.

January 2017.

Old houses have been renovated to use as chicken sheds and are now in use. The first chickens have just been sold.

(Video Clip of the first chicks
provided by LUV+)