Fundraising appeal for Covid Help to People with Leprosy in Africa

become a pal of a PAL

– A PAL is a Person Affected by Leprosy –
LUV+ invites you to ‘become a pal of a PAL’ today and help some of the most vulnerable, disabled communities in Africa.

LUV+ is urgently raising money to provide Covid equipment like soap, masks and gloves to 16 leprosy communities in Tanzania, along with emergency food supplies to help them in the difficult months ahead. We also aim to provide an appropriate, sustainable income generating project like a small chicken farm, to assist them achieve real food security.

Over 500 PALs will be assisted, along with their spouses, children and granchildren, so you will directly help over 2,000 of the poorest and most marginalised people in Tanzania. All monies raised will be spent directly on providing these items, in partnership with the Tanzanian Leprosy Association with whom LUV+ has worked for many years.                 

Thank you for becoming ‘a pal of a PAL’